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I have a B.S. in education, a M.Ed, PCI Certified Parent Coach, and CHt- that stands for Certified Hypnotherapist. I am currently pursuing my Marriage and Family Therapy license and focus on offering hypnosis in Ridgefield WA, near Portland Oregon.

I started my professional career as a high school teacher and taught French and English for 16 years. During this time, I went on to complete my Masters in Education and a year-long university-accredited Parent Coaching Certification so that I could positively impact families. My two greatest strengths in teaching were my ability to effectively meet every student where they were, and to intuitively adjust in the moment so that every student could best engage and enjoy the learning. Consequently, my students trusted me and felt deeply valued in my classroom.. However, over time I found that the curriculum was in the way of the work I truly wanted to do for them – empower them and their families mentally and emotionally, so that they could thrive in all areas of life. That led me to change careers and pursue my Marriage and Family Therapy license.

The Core Values Steering the Ship

Self Awareness + Education

I believe that it is through lifelong learning and introspection growth as humans becomes possible. I am dedicated to continually building my own skills and education in order to serve you to the best of my ability.

Mindfulness + Compassion

At the root of our work, as we uncover your trauma and your life experiences that have shaped your behaviors and decisions- I remain mindful of how these affected you and bring compassion for this to the table.

Clarity + Passion

Finding your own clarity on what you want, and what you need and then accessing the tools that will help make your dreams a reality is truly my greatest joy. I thrive when you’ve found what makes you feel most alive and what helps you bloom in your own life.

"I have to tell you that {my daughter} played the absolute game of her life today! She absolutely killed it against a super hard team from Ohio. We are going into the final day tomorrow and are still playing in Gold Open Division and are playing for a bid for Nationals. The court was lined with college coaches and she played cool as a cucumber. I’m so proud of her and thankful for you!”
All Client Testimonials Remain Anonymous to Protect Their Stories

How Shift Hypnosis Came to Be

Studying marriage and family therapy was an exciting step in my career. I was thrilled to be working my way to be a therapist. In that program I studied hypnosis, and I became so intrigued by it that I immersed myself in research and study on the subject, eventually scheduling my own appointment with David Hill of Battle Ground Hypnotherapy to see if I found it effective. This only increased my intrigue, and I then decided to add hypnotherapy to my future practice. 

When we are in alignment with ourselves and aspirations, we are given the clarity and motivation to move in the immediate direction of our goals. Although I am not a risk-taker, I became utterly convinced that I could profoundly help people efficiently and effectively using hypnosis. I completed my hypnotherapy education, achieved my license, and immediately opened Shift Hypnosis. The results have been astounding: a golfing client achieved a hole in one; a client who had been overweight for decades lost over 40 pounds and took immediate control of his health; a client pondering divorce shifted her relationship dynamic and is enjoying a fulfilling marriage again. These are just a few small snapshots of the numerous changes that my clients have made. 

Through my experience and training in hypnotherapy, I see it as a pathway and channel into helping people make profound internal shifts. The name Shift Hypnosis was born from this belief.


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101 Mill St. in Ridgefield 98642

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