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Shift Hypnosis is a private practice owned by Sheila Wenger, a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), and Certified Parent Coach (PCI). Located in Ridgefield Washington, serving clients with hypnotherapy in the surrounding areas including Portland Oregon. 


I believe that the mind has tremendous potential...

But most people only tap a portion of its ability. The analytical mind simply doesn’t have as much power to steer our lives as the subconscious mind does. Most of us have had difficult or traumatic experiences in our lives, which create limiting beliefs and put protections in place for our survival. At some point however, they no longer serve us but they keep running. 

Both traditional therapy and hypnotherapy sessions can work to heal those wounds and release those limiting beliefs. I opened my practice because I believe hypnotherapy does this work the most efficiently.  Because in hypnotherapy, we have direct access to the subconscious, we can reach the source of the belief directly, we can heal it directly. My clients have healed deep wounds and shifted into a more peaceful, joyful mindset after just a few sessions.

But Does it Work?

I know that hypnosis works. I could not do this work in my integrity if I didn’t.  My personal life and my professional, and educational experiences have prepared me to tune in with great empathy for people of all ages, personalities, and backgrounds. There is no reading from a pre-written script at Shift Hypnosis. I create a personal session for each client based on our rich conversation.. This personalization allows me to completely connect with each individual client and address his/her specific needs.

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You deserve better. Let’s work toward what that looks like for you in our hypnotherapy sessions.



At the beginning of each session, we’ll spend about 45 minutes talking and exploring what your specific needs are at that time. This allows me to precisely personalize your hypnosis session to address the issue at the source. Often this involves identifying a change you want to make in your life. Hypnosis simply makes it easier for you to take that step. I have many different hypnotic strategies that address different types of issues, so our map forward becomes clear as I get to know you.



I always want my clients to have completely satisfying sessions, and those take 90 minutes. However, I book them in two-hour segments so that you will never feel as if I am rushing you,  and so that I am refreshed for every client that walks through my door.  If it takes a little longer, we have time. Your success is my priority, and I plan my days to accommodate it. 



The cost is $250 per session. Although my clients will achieve the longest-lasting results after several sessions, the results for most begin immediately after the first session. Therefore, I never require my clients to commit in advance to a certain number of sessions. If they are satisfied with the results after one session, that’s fantastic! I opened this practice because I know it is fast and effective. You get to decide when to start, continue, or stop. 



I have countless success stories of clients making an internal shift that impacts their external life. I believe in the power of hypnotherapy to change your life. I believe in your ability to live a life you couldn’t have even imagined for yourself. Change is inevitable with the help of hypnotherapy; you can break patterns, overcome blocks, and finally make the changes in your life that you’ve always wanted. 

"“Sheila has been a core supporter of transformation in my life. Through our work I have been able to overcome subconscious blockers I have had since childhood and thrive. By blending an understanding of who I am and how I see life, along with guided hypnosis, I have been able to break through barriers and become who I really want to be. Since working together, I have easily lost weight by eating healthy and including more movement in my life. None of this has been hard but seems well integrated into who I am now. I have tried diets for 35 years, which always felt like giving up and struggling, which is not the case with Sheila’s work. I enjoy how I eat and exercise now, and find it flows easily and has helped me shift into the life I want.”
AREA OF FOCUS: Weight Loss
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